About Us

IMR Float opened June 1st, 2019 by the owners of IMR Massage, the highest-rated massage company in Las Vegas, specializing in sports massage and cupping therapy.  To maintain the proper chemistry of the water, we test it regularly for proper pH balance, total alkalinity, temperature, specific gravity, and hydrogen peroxide levels. IMR Floatʼs goal is to provide clients with the ultimate floating experience while maintaining the highest health and safety standards. The spa features two float cabins (including one large enough for partners to float together), Nevadaʼs only open float room, a fire & ice contrast therapy room, and an infrared sauna.

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What makes us different?

Come experience float therapy and infrared sauna in our brand new elite float center!
We have two large float cabins, an open float room, and one spacious infrared sauna.

Mandala Open Float

Single Wave Float Cabin

Double Wave Float Cabin

Special Offer First Time Float For $65


Experience Luxury Environment