First Time Floater Guide

Keys to the Ultimate Float Experience

Going Into Your Float

Things to know before you arrive...

Before You Float

Right before you hop into the tank…

Apply earplugs BEFORE you shower.

Shower-wash your hair with shampoo and clean your body with body wash and exfoliate with washcloth. Rinse all soap and shampoo off your body

Dry your face with towel.

Carefully enter the float tank.

Let go..

After You Float

When you float has come to an end...

When you float has come to an end…

When the lights fade on your float is over.

Carefully exit the float tank.

Shower by rinsing off salt water.

There are vanity stations in the restrooms available to dry your hair and apply makeup if necessary.

Head to the zen room to relax and enjoy some water.

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