Floating, also known as sensory deprivation, is a therapeutic experience that allows the body to heal and the mind to recharge with renewed perspective and energy. The density of the water enables the body to float effortlessly allowing every muscle to fully relax. The float tank is filled with 11 inches of water and 1000+ pounds of Epsom salt. The water and air are heated to the same temperature as your skin creating the sensation that the body and water are one.




(per couple)



(per person)

Couples and duo discounts are available; call us to learn more. | Introductory pricing is limited to one per client max | All introductory pricing is non-shareable. | Prices are subject to change.


Keys to the Ultimate Float Experience

Going Into Your Float

Things to know before you arrive...


Right before you hop into the tank…

Apply earplugs BEFORE you shower.

Shower-wash your hair with shampoo and clean your body with body wash and exfoliate with washcloth. Rinse all soap and shampoo off your body

Dry your face with towel.

Carefully enter the float tank.

Let go..


When you float has come to an end...

When you float has come to an end…

When the lights fade on your float is over.

Carefully exit the float tank.

Shower by rinsing off salt water.

There are vanity stations in the restrooms available to dry your hair and apply makeup if necessary.

Head to the zen room to relax and enjoy some water.



At IMR Float, we provide our guests with state of the art flotation tanks. Unlike other float centers who have tiny pods, our tanks are spacious and elegant. Perfect for anyone who has been reluctant to try floating because of their fear of small spaces. Choose from our 2 different Wave float cabins or our Mandala open float tank. The overall floating experience is similar in all of our float tanks. If you are unsure of which tank to schedule in, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist.



This style of float tank is completely open with no doors or walls — great for those we may be claustrophobic or prefer a little extra space when they float. This tank still provides the sensory deprivation experience of being completely light and soundproof. The Mandala is quite spacious at 8’ by 4’8”. The Mandala has infrared an heater located on the ceiling about the pool, as well as underneath keep the temperature perfect your entire float. At IMR Float, we offer the only open style float tank in Las Vegas.


The Single Wave float cabin features our most spacious shower. The interior cabin dimensions are 4’6” wide by 8’ long by 8’ tall offering plenty of space to float comfortably. This is our smallest float tank, but as you can see from the dimensions, it can still accommodate even the tallest customer.


The Double Wave float cabin is our most spacious float tank. With dimensions of 8’ long x 6‘ wide x 8’ tall there’s plenty of room to float with a partner or stretch out on your own. This room also incudes a double shower. If you are a first time floater, we highly recommend trying floating on your own first. To book a couples float please give us a call 702-751-9331.


Avoid shaving or waxing for at least 24 hours prior to your float. Do not consume stimulants such as caffeine for several hours beforehand. Eat a meal about 60-90 minutes prior to your appointment so you are not hungry or overly full when you float. Please see our First Time Floater Guide for more information.

Yes. All of our float and sauna appointments begin at specific start times. We highly recommend making an appointment as opposed to just walking in.

Monday 11am-9pm

Tuesday 11am-9pm

Wednesday CLOSED 

Thursday 11am-9pm

Friday 8am-9pm

Saturday 8am-9pm

Sunday 8am-6pm

Appointments can be made online or by calling 702-751-9331.

Nothing but yourself and an open mind. We provide eco-friendly shampoo, conditioner, and body wash for your pre and post-float shower. We also provide towels, robes, earplugs, q-tips and hair dryers. Feel free to bring any personal items such as a brush or makeup for after your float. Do not forget your contact lens case if you wear contacts. Since our float tanks and showers are in their own private rooms, there is no need to wear anything while you float; however, you are more than welcome to bring a swimsuit if you’d like.

It varies from person to person. For starters, go in with an open mind. To get the most out of your experience, though, you should try to fully relax similar to relaxation during meditation.  It often takes a few float sessions to learn to relax and just be. We recommend committing to at least three floats; by the second float you are more prepared to fully ease into the experience and begin your journey with floatation therapy.

Each tank has a three step filtering process that consists of filtering out particulate matter with a micron filter, using ultra-violet (UV) sanitation, and applying an ozone purification system with hydrogen peroxide (an oxidizer)– a safe alternative to chlorine and bromine.

The high concentration of Epsom salt creates an environment that inhibits the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. After each client, the water in the float tanks is filtered four times, and we disinfect all commonly touched surfaces such as showers, benches, float tank walls, etc. Our float tank solution is sent to a lab weekly for proper maintenance, and we perform a deep cleaning of the entire space once a week to keep our float suites clean and pristine.

Our float center features 3 different float tanks. The Mandala open float tank with dimensions 8′ long x 4’8′ wide, The Single Wave float cabin with dimensions of 8′ long x 4’6″ wide x 8′ tall, and the Double Wave float cabin (our largest tank) with dimensions of  8′ long x 6′ wide x 8′ tall.

Whats the difference between the different tanks? Personal preference. All 3 tanks are considered “sensory deprivation tanks” and get completely light and sound proof. It’s up to the user to turn the lights and/or music on/off .

Elliott Reed, founder and co-owner of IMRFloat, received his National Swimming Pool Foundation operator’s license in 2018. He follows the Flotation Tank Association standard for ensuring a clean and safe float experience by maintaining proper chemistry of the water and, testing the water multiple times every day for proper pH balance, total alkalinity, perfect temperature, specific gravity, and hydrogen peroxide levels.

We provide ear plugs that should be inserted prior to your shower while your hands and ears are dry. We recommend using q-tips after your post-float shower which we provide for your convenience. If you do get salt water in your ears, though, no harm done. We provide a vinegar/water rinse that will flush out the salt. To avoid getting salt water in your eyes, completely dry your face before entering the float pod and avoid touching your face once you are in the pod. We provide a hand towel and spray bottle of water inside each float tank in case you splash salt in your eyes mid-float.

No. The Epsom salt is actually wonderful for your skin and will leave it feeling silky and smooth. No pruning here!

Yes, and people often do because they are so relaxed! If you fall asleep, you will stay afloat due to the buoyancy created by the 1000+ pounds of Epsom salt in the water. Even though the water is only 11 inches deep, you will not touch the bottom. It is quite amazing. No matter the size, shape or weight of your body, you will float. And your mouth, nose, and eyes stay well above the water line. It is difficult to flip over while you are floating.

We have a float tank that is completely open with no doors or walls. Also, our float cabins are quite spacious. The sensation of floating is like floating in outer space rather than in a confined area; you are in total control of your environment. Feel free to leave the float tank door open or leave the lights on. Turn the music on or off. Or book your float in our open float room. This room is completely open with no walls around the tank. Think of it like a large bathtub!

Definitely! We encourage floating during pregnancy. Floating allows you to take time out from the stress of pregnancy and also relieves the additional weight of your body by floating in the weightless environment. If you are concerned for any reason, however, check with your physician.

The first few times you float, 60 minutes is probably enough to familiarize yourself with the new experience. Eventually you may want to float for longer periods of time. If you are a VIP member, you can float up to 90 minutes total at no additional charge*. These 90 minute floats must be booked during non peak hours, and you MUST arrive for your float a little early. Please give us a call with questions or to become a VIP member.

Yes, your hair will get wet, though the water is neutral and the Epsom salt is not harsh.

 NOTE: If you dye your hair, you will need to wait at least 10 days after you dye it to give your new color time to set in completely. With red dye, we require waiting 30 days to float and you must  bring a tight-fitting cap.

Red dye can leach out of hair for weeks which may damage our float tanks. You cannot float if you have Henna coloring in your hair or have a Henna tattoo. You should wait at least three weeks after receiving any tattoo so it has time to heal and set.

Special Note: If you use a Keratin hair smoothing treatment, it is recommended staying out of salt water which includes Epsom salt. If you use this product, we recommend taking precautions against getting your hair fully wet by using a high quality swimmer’s cap.

Yes. Please follow the same protocol you would for a swimming pool.

That is up to you. When you first begin the experience of floating, it is ideal to float a few times within a short period such as three floats within two to four weeks. This may not be possible, however. Most people still benefit from one float. We encourage you to float regularly (weekly or monthly) to maintain reduced stress levels, assist in meditation, and improve overall well-being. The best prices we offer come from our memberships. Check out our pricing page for information on how to become a member today.

Floating is safe for almost everyone; however, it is not recommended if those who experience incontinence, uncontrolled epilepsy, or kidney problems; have open wounds or an infectious disease; are intoxicated with drugs or alcohol. If you have a severe medical condition, please consult your physician first.

Our cold plunge is set between 45-50 degrees. 

Our traditional fire & ice room sauna is set to 180-200 degrees.