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First-time floaters can try floating for only $65 at IMR Float.

What is
Floating Therapy

Floating, also known as sensory deprivation, is a therapeutic experience that allows the body to heal and the mind to recharge with renewed perspective and energy.

The density of the water enables the body to float effortlessly allowing every muscle to fully relax. The float tank is filled with 11 inches of water and 1000+ pounds of Epsom salt. The water and air are heated to the same temperature as your skin creating the sensation that the body and water are one.

Health Benefits of Floating Therapy

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Ava M.
Ava M.
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"A piece of zen in this world of chaos! Such a peaceful float center with a beautiful zen room, infrared sauna and float tanks. The owner is very knowledgable and offers only $59 first time client special. The membership is the same price with no contract."
Todd Daniels
Todd Daniels
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"If you need a way to totally relax..this is IT! First time float for me & I was able to find inner peace & sensory deprivation easily! Rest your stressed mind & body all at once. Calming meditation music piped in helps to relax your brain & as a big believer in healing qualities of Epson salt; the body is easily weightless, bringing soothing zen relaxation."
Dustin E.
Dustin E.
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"Wow! This place is top shelf! I had never floated before, but they made it easy. All my questions were answered in a very thorough pre-float briefing. There's a shower in each room, so you can shower beforehand and after you float. Floating is a very cool experience. I plan to make a habit of it. I was very relaxed for hours after."
 Adam Mann
Adam Mann
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"Excellent, friendly, and knowledge service. Made us feel welcome and comfortable. Very professional and great establishment. First time floating- highly recommend. What an incredible, enjoyable, and amazing experience. Thanks again, see you soon!"
Desiree G.
Desiree G.
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"I was able to try the infrared sauna and wow what an experience! I loved it and was able to enjoy it for the entire time. I was also able to play music from my own phone which was nice. The staff was so helpful and gave me a tour of the facility.
I can't wait I go back and experience the float tanks now. "

5/5 based on the
opinion of 24 people


5/5 based on the
opinion of 83 people


4.9/5 based on the
opinion of 226 people

What makes us different?

Come experience float therapy and infrared sauna in our brand new elite float center!
We have two large float cabins, an open float room, and one spacious infrared sauna.

Mandala Open Float

Single Wave Float Cabin

Double Wave Float Cabin

Experience Luxury Environment

IMR Float in the News

Men's Journal

Pushing limits doesn’t end in the gym. Waller brings that same tenacity into his recovery. This is not about finding practices that make him comfortable, but rather finding ways to get back in the game faster. These days, the routine entails a weekly visit to IMR Float, a recovery center in Henderson, NV. There, he sits in a sauna at 150 degrees, being led through a meditation by one of the guides. Once he’s spent about five minutes sweating, he passes under a cold shower before plunging into a cold tub set around 50 degrees.

The Big Lead

“Floating” as it is known, is IMR’s speciality and Waller loves it. The concept is simple enough– you float in a small tub filled with salt water, shrouded in complete darkness. You cannot hear, see, or feel anything. The goal, as described by IMR, is to provide “a therapeutic experience that allows the body to heal and the mind to recharge with renewed perspective and energy.” Waller says he floats regularly to work on his mental health and release himself from the daily worries, both those typical of a professional athlete and the kind we all deal with in different ways.