Float therapy reduces stress, anxiety, and muscle tension.

Our Float Center

Serving Las Vegas and Henderson

5-Star Service

Come experience float therapy and infrared sauna in our brand new elite float center! We have two large float cabins, an open float room, and one spacious infrared sauna.

Our center features the only open float tank in Las Vegas!

We offer couples floats in our Double Wave float cabin.

Spacious full-spectrum infrared sauna. Large enough for two!

What is float therapy?

Floating, also known as sensory deprivation, is a therapeutic experience that allows the body to heal and the mind to recharge with renewed perspective and energy.

The density of the water enables the body to float effortlessly allowing every muscle to fully relax. The float tank is filled with 11 inches of water and 1000+ pounds of Epsom salt. The water and air are heated to the same temperature as your skin creating the sensation that the body and water are one.

The #1 Massage company in the valley is now offering Float Therapy!

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