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This room includes a traditional sauna that reaches up to 200° and a cold plunge that ranges from 40-50°. The room also includes a shower to rinse off prior to the plunge and at the end of your session.


Sauna Cold Plunge Vegas

60 Minute Fire / Ice

30 Minute Fire / Ice

8:00am on Fri,Sat, & Sun Only

If you would like to book 2-3 guest at the same time, please call us 702-751-9331

Our fire & ice room can accommodate up to 3 guests at a time
Henderson Ice Plunge

What is a cold plunge?

The cold plunge is a large tub measuring 37” wide x 68” long filled with water chilled at 49°. The plunge has constant filtration so that the water is constantly being filtered and chilled.
The system uses UV, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide to aid in sanitation. The plunge can accommodate up to 2 guests at a time.

Couples Cold Plunge Vegas Henderson Sauna

Are cold plunges good for you?

Yes! In Fact they are great for your mind and your body-

For the Body: When you take the plunge, the cold water instantly numbs the nerves surrounding your muscles and joints causing the release of endorphins. This release of endorphins acts as an analgesic relieving inflammation and alleviating muscle strains and joint pain.
For the Mind: The surge of cold increases the brain’s production of norepinephrine and stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. The skin houses a high density of your body’s cold receptors, so immersion in cold water sends electrical impulses from the peripheral nerve endings into the brain. This helps alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression and improves alertness, focus, and cognition.

Tips for beginners

It is natural to want to go into the plunge tub one toe at a time. However, it is better to go all the way in at once understanding that you will have a few moments of discomfort at the beginning. Very quickly, your body will acclimate or “become numb.” Just breathe and concentrate on all the amazing benefits you will receive from your experience.

How long should you plunge for?

Start with one minute. If you can manage, 2-3 minutes is great! If you are doing contrast therapy with the sauna, you can rotate between the two services. Once you become a pro, you should be able to stay in the plunge for up to 10 minutes at a time. Timer/clock is provided in the room.
The cold environment should be cold enough that you would like to get out, but you can stay in safely without harming yourself.
Always listen to your body.

What to wear in the cold plunge / sauna?

The room is private so you are welcome to go naked or wear a swimming suit. We do not recommend a swimsuit with metal clasps as they can become very hot in the sauna and burn your skin.

Sessions are 60 minutes and customers can rotate back and forth between the sauna and cold plunge.

Beginners 60 Minute Session Breakdown

Traditional Sauna Fire & Ice Room Vegas
What’s the difference between a traditional sauna and infrared sauna?
Las Vegas Sauna Cold Plunge

Traditional saunas are heated either by wood fire or electricity. This raises the heat of the air inside the sauna, which then raises the body temperature, causing you to sweat. The temperature in traditional saunas can get up to 200 degrees.

Henderson Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas use infrared radiation to heat your body directly. Infrared radiation is a safe type of radiation with wavelengths above the range of human vision. Temperatures of infrared saunas reach 158 degrees.
Both types induce sweating to a similar degree. However, since the temperature in an infrared sauna is lower, it makes the experience less intense.
Some even claim that infrared radiation penetrates further into your body, providing extra health benefits, although these benefits have yet to be proven.

Contrast Therapy

Perhaps the most shocking part about utilizing sauna and cold plunge together is the combination of two extremes. The "thermic cycle” as it is called is simply an extension of the routines that have been practiced in Finland, Korea, Russia, Japan, and Turkey (to name a few) for thousands of years. The positive health effects have been recognized by many societies for ages.

It is important to note that the thermic cycle works best when approached gradually. Similar to beginning any type of exercise, a gradual approach is recommended for best results.

Key Cold Plunge Benefits

● Reduces Inflammation
● Increases Alertness
● Boosts Metabolism
● Reduces Muscle Soreness
● Aids Fat Burning
● Increases Norepinephrine
● Strengthens Nervous System
● Improves Sleep Quality
● Increases Will-Power
● Improves Circulation
● Strengthens Immune System
● Relieves Fatigue
● Increases Dopamine
● Releases Endorphins

Couples Cold Plunge Vegas Henderson Sauna
Those who have the following conditions should NOT use cold exposure
Cold Plunge Henderson

● High blood pressure
● Pregnancy
● Heart Issues
● If you are sick or have a cold or flu

Always consult with your physician if you are unsure about experiencing cold therapy.

Las Vegas Raider Darren Waller Recovers in the Fire & Ice Room

Fire & Ice Coaching

Does cold water sound intimidating to you? Can you only last 30 seconds in the cold? Break through barriers and take your fire & ice experience to the next level with personalized 1 on 1 coaching. Our guided Moss uses a unique approach to teach breath-work and ease you into the cold. 

Rate: $49 (non-member) $39 (member) = 60 min coaching (+ f&i credit)

New Customer Special: $159 = 2 f&i credits + 1 coaching session 

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