Float & Sauna Now Open 7 Days

Float & Sauna Open 7 Days a Week

As our business continues to grow, we are expanding our hours!


New Hours:

Monday 9A-9P

Tuesday 9A-9P

Wednesday 9A-9P

Thursday 2P-9P

Friday 9A-9P

Saturday 9A-9P

Sunday 9A-9P



What is float therapy? Also known as sensory deprivation – is a therapeutic experience that allows the mind and body to fully disconnect and relax. The tank is filled with 11 inches of water and 1,300 pounds of medical-grade Epsom salt. The solution allows the body to float effortlessly on top of the water. Some of the key benefits to floating include; reduced muscle tension, helps relieve stress and anxiety, stimulates creativity, lowers blood pressure, and helps insomnia.

What is an infrared sauna? These types of saunas can reach a max temp of 158 degrees. Unlike traditional gym saunas, infrared saunas have special heat pannels that heat all the way around you, penetrating up to 4 millimeters into the tissue. They also give you a deeper sweat at lower temperatures. Benefits of infrared sauna include; lowering blood pressure, detoxifying, helps with chronic pain, burns calories, and improves cardiovascular health.


New Customer Specials!

First Time Float (60 minutes) $59

First Time Sauna (40 minutes) $15

Our float center is located in Henderson, Nevada.




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The Float Tank is truly the best place to achieve ultimate meditation.